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Bonnie Frain

Education. Trust. Community.

I know how complicated and overwhelming buying or selling a home can seem. That’s why I’ve made it my life’s mission to help people like you achieve their goals and get the results they truly deserve. As your experienced Bucks County real estate agent, I’ll be your partner throughout the process of buying or selling your home.

As a former high school teacher, education is a major passion of mine. I make sure to stay on top of market and neighborhood conditions, while regularly attending continuing education courses to ensure that I am able to guide my clients throughout the process. My goal is always to build a lasting relationship with each of my clients, built on results, trust, education, and integrity. I realize they’re entrusting me with what is often their largest financial decision, and I value and respect the trust that they place in me.

As a wife, mother, and realtor, community is everything to me. Since moving to Philadelphia in 2003 and Bucks County in 2008, I have immersed myself in exploring the history, culture, nature, and adventure that this captivating area has to offer. My family serves in our community through training Seeing Eye dogs, volunteering at local food banks, and lending a hand at local charitable foundations. Being community-minded is a core value in my household as well as my business.

I’m also an excellent multi-tasker, problem-solver, and negotiator. I use my knowledge of market conditions, financing, local neighborhoods, and schools to effectively advocate for my clients’ interests and get them the results they deserve. But in the end, being a Philadelphia realtor isn’t just a job to me — it’s a calling. I pride myself on always being available and responsive to my clients. They’ve all become my family.

I’m thrilled to be a part of this team of who I consider to be the best realtors in Bucks County PA.

Meet Our Team Member

John Bianchimano

Compassion. Hard Work. Integrity.

I'm passionate about helping people achieve their goals through real estate transactions. Whether that means supporting you in selling your home, helping you find the home of your dreams, or guiding you to build your personal wealth through acquisition, I’ll be there with you every step of the way.

I’ve been working as a real estate agent in Bucks County for over 12 years. As a lifelong resident of Bucks County, Pennsylvania is truly my home. I now live in Richboro with my wife Randy, and our two daughters.

One of my most memorable real estate experiences to date was when I was tasked with helping a client sell their recently deceased mother’s home. My client was already going through a difficult loss, but a completely unreasonable buyer only made matters worse. Even though we had the property under contract, I advised my client to reject all of the buyer’s terms and put the property back on the market. After a short time, we got a full-price offer with no additional conditions attached to the sale. It made me feel great to help that family during such an emotional time. I’ve always strived to offer the same compassionate service to all of my clients.

I’ve learned the value of integrity, hard work, and compassion from my family. My father has been a Broker/Owner of Re/Max 2000 for over 25 years. Growing up in a real estate household and being in the business for so long makes you understand what it truly takes to be one of the best Philadelphia real estate agents.

I’m honored to be a part of such a great team of Pennsylvania real estate agents. We’re excited to help you accomplish your goals!

Meet Our Team Member

Joe Bianchimano

Experience. Innovation. Collaboration.

Real estate is my passion. My 35+ years of experience as a real estate agent are what has made me into the man I am today.

As a Broker Owner of Re/Max 2000, my partners and I have built one of the largest real estate brokerage houses in the tri-state region, closing an average of $135,000,000 annually in sales. But though I have decades of experience and success behind me, I continue to learn something new every day in my practice. The practice of real estate has evolved so much from 1985 to the complexities of present-day, including changes in government regulations, inspection protocols, economic boom markets, recessions, documentation requirements, myriad lending requirements, digital technology, and the rise in social media marketing. I bring a multitude of experiences and solutions to each transaction, while continually adapting my approach to fit current conditions.

I’ve had the honor of receiving the prestigious Re/Max International Platinum Club award multiple times — but still, my greatest satisfaction comes from seeing a big smile on my clients’ faces at the closing table. My goal is to make the ever more complicated process of purchasing or selling a home a pleasant and effortless experience for my clients. And it shows. Virtually all of my clients refer their friends and family to work with me.

In the industry, I am recognized as a respected Broker. Cooperating agents from other companies enjoy working with me because of my collaborative team approach to bring every transaction to closing.

I feel so privileged to be a part of the close-knit, seasoned Tri-County Team. With such a talented team on my side, I’ll now be able to bring an even higher level of service and experience to my clients.

Meet Our Team

Nick Desloges

Real Estate is a lifelong passion for me and my family. From the moment I recognized the feeling of ‘home’, when growing up, I felt compelled to share that experience with as many people as possible. I knew then that real estate was for me! Since then, I have had a great deal of success, which could be partially attributed to my extensive knowledge of real estate laws and regulations, and ability to negotiate the most competitive prices for clients. My singular focus to make every client feel like family and help them find ‘home’ has made real estate a continued joy in my life. I unequivocally respect the significance of each of my clients decisions and navigate them with confidence through a complex and intricate real estate experience. ‘Home’ is just around the corner – I will help you find it.

I was born in Philadelphia and raised in Bucks County. After graduating from Penn State University, I worked for companies like Merrill Lynch and Penn Medicine in the IT Department, joining teams ranging from the Network Engineering Team to the Cyber Forensic Team. I had to manage numerous large projects at once, which taught me how to stay cool under pressure. I found this to be a great leeway into Real Estate, as I am now trusted by buyers/sellers for my guidance in potentially stressful times.

In my spare time, I referee High School and College Soccer & Boys Lacrosse. As a huge sports fan and a former athlete, refereeing is a great way for me to stay close to the game I once played (soccer). Additionally, I love staying active at the gym and spending time with my niece and nephew.

Should you ever have any questions about the buying and selling process please do not ever hesitate to give me a call - My phone is always on! I look forward to working with you.

Making A Difference In The Communities We Call Home

Here at the Tri-County Team, we incorporate our core values into everything we do. With our vast combined experience and up-to-date market-leading innovations, we strive to exceed our clients’ expectations when buying or selling their home or building long-term wealth through real estate investment. We hold ourselves to a high ethical standard, always ensuring that we are putting our clients’ interests ahead of our own. Our ultimate goal is to build lifelong relationships with our clients. And because we live, work, and play in the communities we serve, we are committed to making our communities better by supporting a variety of local charitable and community organizations. That’s what makes us the top realtors in Bucks County.

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