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Many of you know that I have a background in education. I was a high school English teacher until my youngest son was born, after which I stayed home with my children for several years. As a teacher, I knew that those first few years were formative and fleeting, and felt that it was crucial that I be home for them. When it was time for me to venture back into the workforce, my husband and I knew that me going back to teaching was not going to work for our family. I needed to find a career that was flexible, that I could work around my family, and that I would find challenging and rewarding. Enter real estate.

At first glance, it might not seem like a natural progression to go from teaching The Great Gatsby to a room full of teenagers to helping people buy or sell a home, but I call on my background as a teacher every single day. Buying or selling a home is usually the single largest financial decision that you will make. Do you want a teacher or a salesman taking you through that process? Obviously a teacher.

You’ll want someone who can guide you through the ins and outs of the process. You need someone who can actually explain the complicated contracts you’ll need to execute to buy or sell, not just highlight where to put your John Hancock. You could find yourself in serious financial or legal trouble if you don’t fully understand the agreements into which you enter.

One of the phrases I say to every single one of my clients, whether they are buying or selling, is that I don’t make the decisions for them. As their teacher, their guide, their confidant and their representative, I will advise them based on data, experience, knowledge of the process and the market, and then they make an educated decision. Education is the foundation of how I operate as a Realtor, and the cornerstone of establishing a trusting relationship with each and every client.

When getting help with money, whether it’s insurance, real estate or investments, you should always look for someone with the heart of a teacher, not the heart of a salesman.

Dave RamseyFinancial Guru

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