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“How can I sell my house fast?” Whether you already found another home or plan to move out of the area, you may be asking yourself this question right now. First, get a knowledgeable real estate agent who knows how to sell Bucks County homes. Tri-County Team has served local sellers and buyers for years and is the leading brokerage in the region.

How Can I Sell My House Fast?

After you get a qualified real estate agent, they will compare your home to other homes currently on the market and ones that have recently sold. Carefully consider the selling price recommended by your agent. Remember, your agent represents your best interest and can help you price your property competitively so that you can sell it faster. Setting a high sales price that doesn’t match the market value may delay the sale of your home, and you may end up taking a lower price anyway.

Follow the recommendations below and check out our home sellers checklist for even more ideas.

Set a Timeline Upfront for Lower Prices

Carefully consider your timeline. Set a date to lower the price if you don’t have a qualified buyer under contract. This can streamline the process and give your agent plenty of time to update the listing and online marketing.

A proactive agent will already have suggestions for the discounted price based on feedback from walk-throughs and the latest sales data in the area. However, the final decision remains in your hands. Remember, the longer your home stays on the market, the lower your chances of selling fast.

Consider Sales Incentives

Home sellers in the Philadelphia area sometimes offer sales incentives. We recommend this for homes with unusual features. If your home needs a new roof, you could offer a buyer credit due at closing. You can also offer to leave behind furniture or appliances. Your agent can help you think of perks that will attract buyers willing to overlook the defect.

Handle Quick Repairs

If you’re wondering how can I sell my house fast, you don’t have time for a complete kitchen or bathroom overhaul. However, you can make small repairs and lift the appearance of your home to make it more appealing.

Start with the walls and make sure the paint looks great by completing the following tasks:

  • Patch up holes from artwork
  • Scrape and touch up peeled or scratched paint
  • Add a new coat in rooms where the paint is faded
  • Use neutral colors that will appeal to the typical buyer

In your bathroom and kitchen, make sure the faucets won’t fall off when prospective buyers turn them on. Your real estate agent will conduct a walk-through with you, offering their opinion on the best places to spend your money. In general, you want to take care of anything that presents a safety issue.

We recommend that you make your home more valuable by paying close attention to details:

  • Fix loose tiles
  • Repair or replace door handles
  • Tighten or replace leaky faucets

Update Cabinetry

Make your home more valuable by installing new hardware that gives new life to your bathroom and kitchen cabinets. Updating the lighting fixtures can downplay the age of your home. Finally, springing for new appliances, such as coffee makers and toasters, that match can help you make a great first impression. Plus, you can take small appliances with you when you go!

Stage Your Home and Don’t Forget Curb Appeal

Cleaning every inch of your home takes a lot of effort. However, it also helps buyers concentrate on the highlights of your home instead of your mess and clutter. If you can, hire professional cleaners that specialize in getting homes ready for sale in Philadelphia, Bucks and Montgomery County. Your Tri-County Team real estate agent can recommend a trusted resource. It’s also important to trust your agent when it comes to staging your home to sell fast. Staging your home appropriately emphasizes the best aspects of each room. That’s not always the same thing as placing furniture and décor for functional use.

Pack Your Belongings and Hire a Staging Company

Put most of your belongings in boxes and store them in the basement, attic or a storage unit. This clears the stage for your agent or another professional to use remaining objects to define each space and make the rooms look larger. In fact, a professional stager would prefer to bring in furniture and decor that make your house warm and welcoming to buyers.

Create Curb Appeal

When people come to see your home, they often judge it by the first thing they see. For most properties, that’s the driveway, yard and front door. Make sure your guests see a well-maintained, uncluttered lawn and entryway.

Want to sell your home fast? Follow these tips:

  • Trim hedges and clear away overgrown brush
  • Powerwash sidewalks and your driveway
  • Clean windows and replace the hardware on the front door
  • Sweep away spiderwebs and properly stage the front stoop or porch
  • Replace broken lights and clean your mailbox
  • Repaint or replace the front door, depending on its condition
  • Invest in a flat of flowers to beauty the walkway or area near the curb

Hire a Professional Photographer

No matter how perfect your home looks, you can’t sell it without the proper marketing tools, starting with great photos. Hire a professional to capture the personality of your staged home. The home buying search starts online, so make sure your listing has the best quality photos possible.

Your real estate agent can connect you with photographers for still shots and 3D virtual house tours that improve your exposure online. See our blog for other marketing ideas to sell your house faster.

Write a Great Listing

Your real estate agent handles the listing and marketing of your home. However, your input is invaluable. Nobody knows your home as well as you do. Creating a great listing definitely draws more attention to your home for sale in Bucks County. Highlight your home’s finest features, including that makes the neighborhood desirable such as great schools or local parks. Use your professional photos to tell the story prospective buyers will appreciate.

Call the real estate professionals at Tri-County Team today at  (215) 431-7970 or fill out the contact form online to get the ball rolling and sell your home fast.

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