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Settling for a dissatisfactory home value doesn’t have to be a reality. By making some additions, changes, or simple renovations to your home, you could efficiently and effectively increase its value.

But, which area of your home should you target to increase value, and why?

The answer: the bathroom.

So, how much does a new bathroom increase home value? Read on to find out how making changes or renovations to your bathroom can positively impact your property’s price.

Why Bathrooms?

There are many rooms we could target to improve the value of a home. The kitchen, for example, is another area that, when renovated, can improve home value.

However, bathrooms have the edge. Why? As mentioned above, people want their privacy. A kitchen should look warm and inviting for many. It is a communal area where people often get together to cook, talk and eat.

Bathrooms, on the other hand, though likely shared, are places of privacy. People have their own routines, habits, and preferences.

Adding an additional bathroom to the house can increase property value as it gives buyers the flexibility of having privacy.

Additionally, with more than one bathroom in the house, buyers have fewer concerns about future disputes- who’s going to use the bathroom and when?

When can I fit my routine around theirs? Less stress means a better likelihood of buyers being interested.

How Much Does a New Bathroom Increase a Home’s Value?

How much does a new bathroom actually increase home value? Put simply, for every $1 you spend on bathroom renovations, you can expect about $1.71 in home value.

Adding a full bathroom to your property can increase home value on average by 5.7%, which is approximately a dollar increase of $17,638.

Adding a complete bathroom doesn’t mean adding more square feet to your property but means utilizing your current space.

Full bathrooms include a toilet, sink, shower, or bath, instead of just a second toilet and sink in the house (which can also add to the property). It’s recommended that if you have a bath in your home, you shower as people like the choice.

Creating a full bathroom boosts property value by 20%, whereas adding a half-bath to your property can still generate an increase by an average of 10%.

Also, if you have more bedrooms than bathrooms, adding a bathroom can increase this percentage even more.

Ensuites are a great addition to homes. It provides the all-important privacy people desire and often allows for a separation of space different from spared bathroom spaces. These can be luxurious full bathrooms or simplistic and functional half bathrooms.

For many, visualizing relaxing in a bathtub is a selling point. In contrast, many may feel limited if they have no shower option. Therefore, if you want to increase home value, have both.

Modernizing Your Bathroom

There are simple and more cost-friendly ways to create a new (and improved) bathroom. By improving what you already have, you are sure to boost your home value.

Have at Least One Shower:

We’ve mentioned it above already, but it’s worth mentioning again. Many people will be put off considering a property if it doesn’t have a shower and a bathtub. If adding an additional bathroom with a shower isn’t possible, then consider converting your bathtub to include a showerhead, so buyers have an option.

Replacing Fixtures and Surfaces:

If your bathroom fixtures, fittings, flooring, or surfaces are worn, chipped, or outdated, consider replacing them to increase home value. Replacing and modernizing these aspects will make a big difference.

This could mean adding a new bath and shower to your bathroom, a new toilet or, it could be as simple as modifying the taps and investing in some shiny new towel rails.

Neutralize and Brighten

Color is imperative.

Adding splashes of color and features to your bathroom- for example, new bath towels, accessories, or some flowers- can go a long way to making your bathroom more appealing.

But be sure to make the majority of your bathroom neutral in color. This means light colors as they make the room look bigger and brighter. Also, invest in some brighter lights to illuminate your bathroom and make it sparkle.

Deep Clean:

Obvious as it is, giving your bathroom a deep clean, making it sparkle, and making sure all the dust and grime is out of sight can go a long way in home value.

Take time to polish fixtures, clean and dust everywhere. Also, remove any unsightly mildew from the grout.

Does a New Bathroom Really Increase a Home’s Value?

Now we’ve come to the end of this blog post, we hope you know the answer to the question: ‘How much does a new bathroom increase home value?’

By adding a new bathroom to your house, you create more space and options for potential buyers. They visualize fewer conflicts over who uses the bathroom, which should entice them to consider the property.

Investing in a new bathroom, whether that’s an ensuite, a half bathroom, or a full bathroom, is an excellent way to increase a home’s value.

Some people prefer bathtubs, while others prefer showers.

Having a property that includes both a shower and a bathroom is a sure winner for increasing home value. If you’re not looking to add a new bathroom, establish that new-bathroom-aesthetic by modernizing what you currently have.

For more advice on info about this, contact us today. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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