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“Location, location, location.” Realtors often utilize this phrase to express the importance of a property’s community, neighborhood, or district. This factor can increase a home’s value and make it more desirable for buyers. Individuals seeking a new residency do well to consider homes for sale in Upper Bucks County PA. It is the prime location to raise a family, work, or retire. This article will consider various factors that positively impact Upper Bucks County.

Rich History

Bucks County is one of the first counties in Pennsylvania, founded in 1682. The colonial proprietor William Penn named Bucks County after Buckinghamshire, to which he was native. For this reason, a simple glance at the names on the local map will reflect Bucks County’s former ties with Buckinghamshire, England.

During the Revolutionary War, General George Washington, along with his troops, camped in Bucks County before crossing the Delaware River. The battle that ensued signaled a turning point in the war against the British.

Indeed, those who live in Bucks County can see history come to life by visiting local attractions.


Those who choose to live in Upper Bucks County have plenty of options when it comes to recreation. There is something for everyone in the area.


Langhorne is home to several exciting attractions, including Sesame Place, a theme park based on the TV show. It includes a range of rollercoasters, water rides, and shows for young children. Also, it is the first theme park in the world to be certified as an autism center.

For those who do not have young children, Core Creek Park is a great place to spend the afternoon. There are many picnic tables and benches, grills, and a lake to fish and go boating. The park also has playgrounds and sporting facilities.


Tyler State Park is the perfect place to view the fall foliage. Hikers and those looking for fresh air can enjoy the trails and taking pictures of the scenery.

Another excellent attraction is Newton Farmer’s Market. Here there is plenty of fresh food to be purchased at incredible prices. That includes pretzels, a favorite of many locals.


At the Bolton Mansion, volunteers tell the stories of the families who lived on the property from 1687 to the 1950s. It is the perfect place to learn about their history and take a ghost tour.


Playwicki Farm, with over 100 acres, has been around for centuries. However, the history of this park is not just about European ancestors. Native Americans once inhabited this land, a fact confirmed by the arrowheads found here.


For those who imagine themselves living back in the 19th century, the Bristol house is a perfect attraction. It grants visitors a glimpse into the life of a prosperous local family. The rooms look just as they would have over 100 years ago.

It is also a great place to explore architectural styles. The home is in the Queen-Anne style, and it combined modern conveniences with pre-industrial styles.

Community and Amenities

Upper Bucks County’s countryside is ideal for those looking for a conservative, quiet community to raise a family. The multi-generational family farms and historic taverns enrich the rural surroundings.

However, plenty of modern conveniences provide balance to the historical and agricultural environment. New business startups, national restaurant chains, and plenty of shopping and dining make life in Bucks County comfortable.

Those who live in the area also have Philadelphia’s conveniences, which is only about an hour away. They have all the advantages that a city has to provide, without the stress and pollution of urban areas.

Also, New York City is only about two hours distance from Bucks County. The proximity creates plenty of recreation and employment opportunities.

Also, there are many cultural activities to enjoy in Upper Bucks County. The annual downtown Christmas tree lighting ceremony, holiday house tours, outdoor festivals, fireworks, and community day events give residents plenty of opportunities to come together and socialize.

Locals enjoy activities such as golfing, biking, hiking, boating, fishing. The entertainment opportunities are unlimited, especially for those who enjoy nature.

Economic Opportunities

When purchasing a home, it is wise to ensure that its value will not depreciate over time. In Upper Bucks County, the economy is exceptional. It is of the most affluent areas of Pennsylvania.

Those interested in buying property have a high chance that they will be able to sell their Bucks County homes later if wanted, without losing their initial investment. With the estimated increase in the market, individuals who own property in the area will likely increase their assets over time.


Students or parents are guaranteed a quality education with Upper Bucks County schools. The three public school districts that makeup Upper Bucks County include Quakertown Community, Palisades, and Pennridge. These are rated above average and excel in college readiness.

Moreover, those who do not have children should be interested in this factor when buying property, as the local schools can directly influence their value.

Additionally, there are several options for higher education in the area. Bucks County Community College, Delaware Valley University, Pennco Tech, Cairn University, and Bristol college are viable options for local students.


There are little experiences more relaxing than a stroll in the country, waking up to singing birds’ sounds, and watching the sunset. These activities are all the reality of those living in Upper Bucks county. Properties in this area are usually more spacious lots with streams, hills, or farmland.

Those interested in owning land should consider the available properties in Upper Bucks County.

Homes for Sale in Upper Bucks County PA

Upper Bucks County is the ideal place to reside, no matter what the circumstances. Retirees, families, couples, and even single professionals call Upper Bucks County home.

We can help anyone searching for homes for sale in Upper Bucks County PA. Our team includes the most experienced professionals, capable of finding the homes of our clients’ dreams.

Are looking for real estate in Upper Bucks County? Contact us today and look at our listings online.

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