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Southampton, with a small-town atmosphere, is the perfect location for raising a family. Demographic statistics show that 74 percent of Southampton households are families. Moreover, almost 25 percent of households include children under 18. 

Those moving to Southampton with school-aged children are surely interested in living near the best schools. While it may not seem to be important, school districts can affect students’ progress. For example, one study shows that students in districts at the 70th percentile were nine weeks ahead of students in a district at the 30th. 

This article will identify the finest school districts for those interested in homes for sale in Southampton PA. It will also help them decide where to live in Southampton for their children to attend these schools. 

Best School District in Southampton

Southampton schools are in two different districts-Council Rock and Centennial. While both of these districts have similar ratings, Council Rock students have better test scores. Thus, we can say that Council Rock students perform better than those in the Centennial school district. 

School District Zoning 

Those buying homes in Southampton PA can search according to the school district. Here are the zones for each school district in Southampton. 

Council Rock School District 

Council Rock School District serves Northampton, Newtown, Wrightstown, and Upper Makefield townships. Those pursuing schools within this district should live within these townships.

Centennial School District 

Those who live in Warminster and Upper Southampton should attend Centennial District schools. Yet, there are several elementary schools in each district, each with its respective zones. 

Best Elementary Schools in Southampton, PA

There are many elementary schools in Southampton, PA. We will have a look at the two highest rated schools in Council Rock and Centennial school districts. 

Hillcrest Elementary School 

Hillcrest Elementary is the highest-rated and belongs to Council Rock School District. Students at Hillcrest Elementary perform above average on standardized tests. Hillcrest Elementary students excel in science, with a skill level of 94 percent. Their English and math skill levels are also far above the state average. Those who want their children to attend this school must live in the lower part of Northampton Township.

Davis Elementary School

The second highest-rated elementary school in the district is Davis Elementary. It is in Centennial School District. Students at this school are improving each year, which means that staff work hard to increase understanding in all subjects. 

The students at Davis Elementary also excel in science, as displayed by their skill level of 89 percent. The teacher to student ratio is fourteen to one, meaning that students receive adequate attention from staff. Elementary students living in the center of Southampton typically attend Davis Elementary School. 

Best Middle School in Southampton, PA

Southampton is the home of two middle schools. Yet, Holland Middle School has significantly better ratings than Klinger Middle School. Thus, it is the best choice for middle school students. 

Holland Middle School is part of Council Rock School District. Students are staying on track with the state average and have strong academic skills. Furthermore, test results at Holland Middle School are above average, and 92 percent pass Algebra 1, an advanced course.

To attend Holland Middle School, students must live in Northhampton township. 

Best High Schools in Southampton, PA

While there are three high schools in Southampton, Council Rock High Schools are the best. They have a 9/10 rating, which is above average compared to other schools in Pennsylvania.

The students at Council Rock High Schools are improving, and both high schools have a 10/10 college readiness score. As a result, over 96 percent of the students graduate, and at least 91 percent go on to pursue college or vocational programs. 

Council Rock School District offers excellent schools that prepare students to attend college. Those who live in Southampton should consider sending their children to Council Rock High School. 

As two high schools serve this area, students who live in the district’s northern area attend North Council Rock High School. Likewise, those who live in the southern attend South Council High School. Since they are both great schools, the zone is not of particular importance. 

Closest Colleges to Southampton, Pennsylvania

Although there are no colleges or universities in Southampton, there are some public and private schools nearby. The following schools within a ten-mile radius. 

Bucks County Community College

Under four miles from Southampton is Bucks County Community College. It offers dozens of majors and certificate programs. Besides, students can study online or hybrid (a mix of in-person and online instruction). 

Strayer University 

Also nearby to Southampton is Strayer University. It is four miles away, so students can take courses on campus without a long commute. There is a wide range of programs available, from associates to masters degrees. 

Cairn University  

Cairn University is a Christian school located in Langhorne, which is about five miles from Southampton. There are over seventy academic programs to choose from, many of which are online. 

Penn State Abington

Under ten miles from Southampton is Penn State Abington. It offers twenty-two undergraduate majors and an MBA program. 

Delaware Valley University  

Also under ten miles from Southampton is Delaware Valley University. Students particularly enjoy the small class sizes and wide range of continuing education courses. 

Homes for Sale in Southampton PA

From elementary education to universities, residents can enjoy excellent schools. Meanwhile, they can feel assured that their children receive the best education possible. Those buying a home in PA should consider Southampton if education is a priority in their lives. 

If you are interested in homes for sale in Southampton PA, contact us today! We can help you find the home of your dreams in the best school district!

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