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Here at the Tri-County team, we pride ourselves on being active members of our communities. Between the four of us, we volunteer in our churches, umpire at local kids’ sporting events, sponsor Little League teams, donate to multiple charities and overall work to make our communities better and safer places to live and work.

Bonnie has been running a twice-yearly food drive in her neighborhood for about four years, and this summer, we decided to make it a team effort. It was a massive undertaking to reach out to almost 1,800 homes between our four neighborhoods, but we tackled it as a team. We were literally overwhelmed by the response from our neighbors, and we collected a whopping 3,000 pounds of food! We were able to donate all of that food to the Emergency Relief Association in Lower Bucks County, where the need was great.

Unfortunately, many families in Bucks County are still suffering and experiencing food insecurity like never before. So it’s more important than ever before for us to come together as a community to help those in need. Heading into a holiday season with such insecurity can be devastating, so this fall, we’re trying something a bit different. Instead of donating anything and everything we can to the ERA Food Pantry, we are partnering with two local, grassroots organizations, Perseverance Against All Circumstances and No More Pain, Inc. Their goal is to provide HUNDREDS of local families with full-on, all-the-trimmings, “Wear your Fat Pants” Thanksgiving dinners. So we are asking for a targeted list of items to fill out their dinner menus and make these families’ Thanksgivings happy and healthy..

If you’d like to participate in our Thanksgiving Food Drive, please reach out to your favorite Tri-County team member to find out how to donate, or click here to contact us for more information about the many ways you can get involved. And whether you get involved with our drive or not, please make sure to donate to your favorite charities this holiday season. Stay safe and healthy, Tri-County Family!!

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