I am and always have been an avid reader, anything from the classics to a trashy beach read every now and then. I tried to read on my iPad a few years ago when I first bought it, but quickly abandoned it and reverted back to actual books. There’s just no comparing the feel and smell of a book to the electric glow of the tablet. Also, I tend to write in all my books, highlighting passages and phrases that speak to me in some way.

It recently struck me after meeting and talking with several sets of new clients that, as their Realtor, I am somewhat of a supporting character in the narrative of each of their lives. As a supporting character, you’ll find me helping them to either open a new chapter in their lives, or close an old one. Sometimes I am fortunate enough to help them do both, and sometimes I pop back up later in the book.

It’s always exciting when I get to work with newlyweds, or a young couple expecting their first child. There is so much hope and anticipation filling the air as we find them their new home. They cannot wait to get started on this grand beginning chapter together as a new family, and I’m always so honored to guide them through the process. It’s so much fun over the years to receive updates and photos as their family blooms where it’s been planted. And it’s always fun to be invited to cookouts, birthday parties, and baby showers!

Other times, I’m called to help a family close a chapter and sell their home as a result of a divorce. These families are closing chapters that can result in sadness, heartbreak, jealousy, anger, and even joy. It might seem like navigating these tricky and emotional waters would be a nightmare for a Realtor, but I find that having a neutral third party in the middle actually makes the process go much smoother. Selling a house for a couple who is divorcing can be a roller coaster ride of emotion from start to finish, but I am always overwhelmed by the absolute outpouring of gratitude and kind words from these families after the settlement has taken place. It’s rewarding and humbling to know that I have been able to bring some calm and comfort to what is inherently a tumultuous time in their lives.

And yet other times, I am called to help a family sell a home after a loved one has passed away. Selling a home as part of an estate and closing that chapter in the family’s lives is obviously a more emotionally taxing undertaking than selling any other home. There can be complex family dynamics in play, and emotions can and will play a large role throughout the entire process. As their Realtor, I work diligently to help these families who are often still grieving the loss of a loved one. In these cases, I find it essential to help families prepare for the process as much as possible before putting their loved one’s home on the market. That can mean gathering needed documents, helping to clean out a home, and taking care of municipal requirements for them. My goal when handling an estate sale is for everything to go as smoothly and quickly as possible, so that when the family finally closes that chapter in their lives, their happy memories of their loved one and their home are not tainted by an unpleasant or unnecessarily drawn out home-selling process.

I am always touched at how close I become to my clients as we go through the process of buying or selling their home. I truly like to think that I am a supporting character in the narrative of their lives, at least for a couple of chapters. So here’s the real question- if someone were to make a movie of one of my clients’ lives, who would they get to play me?

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